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What is the very Best solution for Acne

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What is the very Best solution for Acne and how to remove it?

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Acne product Review :

Hey guys my name is Chris and here’s my acne product review.

I have tried many acne products and most of them are just short-term I’ve tried Proactive Neutrogena and clean clear sets all the more sets though okay and I just realized that all of them contain benzyl peroxide just like like all them are just practically the same thing all short-term all that benzyl peroxide just did was kill my acne bacteria because it because benzoyl peroxide breaks down into oxygen and benzoic acid which the oxygen kills the acne bacteria.

Because the acne bacteria anaerobic v which means they live without air okay maybe all of them maybe what I just said is kind of confusing let’s just say that benzoyl peroxide just kills the acne bacteria and okay let’s just say it kills dying bacteria I found this cool acne product that actually told tells me on how to fix my hormone instead of just concentrating on fixing the outside of my skin it tells me on how to fix my hormone and the products called acne no more.

Okay and it’s pretty much a long-term although other products although other products that didn’t work are just short-term and I had like terrible bad side effects like my skin just start like its tries a lot and it starts to shed a lot which is kind of annoying and I don’t want to talk about it it’s not it’s not it’s not going to be long-term or anything it’s just going to help your skin but not the long-term way as fixing your hormones what acne no more tells me is pretty much just a little lifestyle change and a change in diet and pretty much my acne is gone and here’s a shocking I mean I can’t show it to you like what’s inside because that’d be like copy writing itself.

remove acne              

But anyways here’s my before-and-after picture now that you have seen my picture when I used to have acne let me tell you what happened when I was on the product what happened during progression.

Okay I mean when when it was like one week I was on it I was like this is this is um this seems to be working I don’t know I guess it’s working because my acne seems to be slowing down that was what I first thought about it in the first week and I was just going to give up but I didn’t I kept on going on the second week with it and I was just kind of happy because I’m like it seems to be working my acne stopped appearing then on the third week is pretty much when my acne starts to heal then I’m just I’m just assuming that once my acne stops my skin starts to heal.

Because there’s no more zits to make there’s no more zits to cause implementation make more scars or something that’s probably it but on the fourth week is when like the great stuff happening my acne is just disappearing the acne discoloration especially on my chin and cheek area and some of the scar starts to disappear is I yeah it’s great and my face just feels clear I started to get a lot of compliments from my families and friends and I just I just felt it just felt great and I was I keep continuing until my acne is just gone.

It was like the greatest moment of my life when I just find out that my acne is gone it took me I mean it took me about like one month and a couple days one month and a couple days after that but my knee is pretty much free I’ve tried like a lot of scam product before to like some kind of fasting on Apple which didn’t work in some seven days acne free which didn’t work I’m pretty sure like all those are pretty much damn to me but it just it just felt great well.Now I am so much happy.

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